eve peyser

writer / comedian

featured works

I Wanted a Dog. I Bake Bread Instead.
The New York Times / 2018

The Summer’s Hottest Trend Is Owning the Libs
Rolling Stone / 2018

Why Jill Stein Did It
VICE / 2017

David Frum Is a Political Party of One
VICE / 2018

The Nicest Reality Show on TV Is All About Deadly Weapons
VICE / 2017

Trump, Trolls, and Rediscovering My Jewish Identity
VICE / 2017

The Fucking P.C. Culture Problem
Esquire / 2016

Obama’s farewell address was classy and calm. And that’s the problem.
The Washington Post / 2017

Seltzer Isn't a Trend, It's a Way of Life
GQ / 2016

What We Know About Why Soylent Products Are Making People Sick
Gizmodo / 2016

How to Sell a Subreddit
Motherboard / 2016

How to Win Tinder
co-written with Alicia Eler for The New Inquiry / 2015

The Tinderization of Feeling
co-written with Alicia Eler for The New Inquiry / 2016